1. human library

    When I speak I usually use metaphors. It not only allows me to better explain a concept, but also I find it very enjoyable. The idea that I have of people, for example, can be explained by imagining a large library.

    Imagine a big, huge library crammed with books. Several books can look alike for the content, or for the simple color of the cover, but there is always something that sets them apart. There are books from the light and fast reading, funny ones, or even those so complex that hardly we read. The characters, events, settings, dialogues, punctuation, but especially the ending are the main features that make each book unique and different from others. For example, I think the Ending is the most important part: it requires greater attention by the writer precisely because the sense that the Ending of a book leaves, allows the reader to remember and qualify it. And if there is something that I think is extremely pleasing it’s that indescribable sense of completeness that I perceive every time I finish reading a book. Knowing a person to me is like reading a book.

    We choose a person from among the myriad of other people in this vast library of people. We know her, and we catapult ourselves in her stories, full of characters and events that characterize her. More we are passionate and more frequently we scroll through the pages, devoting most of our time, and we like it.

    It transports us exactly how it happens when we are passionate about reading a book, perhaps continuing also during the night under the covers with a lighted torch that facilitates the reading. When a story ends, like a just read book, pleasant or not, it leaves us a memory.

    That’s how I see them. People. They’re there, settled on that library with their stories, their punctuation and their colorful covers, ready to be chosen, read and to leave a sense to anyone who still wants to read today.

    Vincenzo D’Ambrosio

  2. how I see them

  3. 207

  4. Nykhor

    STELLA JEAN FW2014/2015 backstage for ROUGH Italia

    by Vincenzo D’Ambrosio

  5. what I saw today // preview from Vincenzo D’Ambrosio on Vimeo.

    Preview of my first short film “what I saw today”, a series of scenes filmed with my cell phone. I was in the right place at the right time with the right people.

  6. searching for themselves in each other, München ‘13

  7. On the Street with Vincenzo D’Ambrosio

    Story by Monica Antonelli, Milan ‘13

  8. Marco Maisto ISD Final Work

  10. Daddy’s Princess

  11. Fashion is uncomfortable

  12.  forbidden portraits

    my pictures winner of the photocontest Taboo 2013
  14. il turista

    Budapest ‘12